1. What kind of skis should I buy? – ‘Classic’ or ‘skate’ – ‘Classic’ is the most popular skiing technique.  Beginner skiers should select skis 10 to 20 cm taller than their height.

2. Ski stiffness – soft skis for beginners give more grip – stiffer for more experienced skiers.

3. What’s best – waxed or wax less skis?  Recreational skiers usually go to wax less skis; they are less expensive.

4. Correct length of skis and poles – cross-country skis, 10 to 20cm taller than your height and skis are geared mostly to your weight.  The retailer needs to do a compression test which will determine how your weight will affect the grip zone – the short strip under the foot that grips the snow and allows you to move forward.  Poles should reach your armpit for classic skiing.

5. What kinds of boots should I buy?  Comfort is priority.  They should fit in a snug fashion like running shoes.

6. What about bindings?  Bindings with flexibility give you the forward-stride freedom you need when skiing.

7. What will it cost for skis, poles, boots and bindings?  Around $200 or less.  Shop around.

8. Snowshoes are available; call Pine Lodge at 819-647-2805 for availability.

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