Ski Safety

  • ski with a friend
  • carry a cell phone and a trail map
  • be familiar with the trail and know where you are
  • tell someone where and when you are skiing
  • carry some emergency supplies
  • dress in layers, bring water and snacks
  • stay hydrated, watch for frost-bite and hypothermia
  • protect your eyes and skin from sun and wind


Trail Etiquette

  • snowshoeing is permitted on designated trails
  • walking and dogs are prohibited on all groomed trails
  • call ‘track’ to request right of way when passing a slower skier
  • step off the trail to rest, to wax or to chat
  • do not stop on blind corners or at the bottom of hills
  • stay on trails to avoid confusing the trail route for other skiers
  • keep to the right on double tracked trails
  • fill in your sitzmarks (butt prints)